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AB 1690


Personal rights: compensatory relief

Assembly Bill 1690, authored by Assemblymember Mark Stone and co-sponsored by CLICC, prohibits defendants from inquiring into a person's immigration status when s/he brings a claim to enforce state consumer protection or housing laws. 


Prior to the passage of AB 1690, which took effect January 1, 2018,  some businesses argued that even though they had violated various consumer protection or housing statutes, they should not be held responsible if the person suing them was an undocumented immigrant. In reality, they hoped simply to scare plaintiffs into dropping legitimate claims. CLICC argued that allowing defendants to ask about plaintiffs' immigration status would prevent valid lawsuits from being pursued and would allow wrongs to go unrighted.

By ensuring that all California residents are protected by the same laws, AB 1690 underscores California's commitment to true equality under the law.

Read the full text here.


Signed by Governor

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