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Dani Kando-Kaiser

Policy Advocate, Corbin & Kaiser

Dani co-founded Corbin and Kaiser in 2014 and is focused on policy that raises the standard of living for all Californians, through the expansion and strengthening of consumer protections and authoring of workforce development programs. 

She is one of the state’s leading advocates on economic justice policy reforms for low-income Californians, senior citizens, and non-English speakers, and has passed legislation related to immigrant rights, clean energy, gun violence protections, consumer privacy protections, K-12 and higher education, and early childhood programs, all with the unifying goal of ensuring the safety, prosperity, and dignity of our state’s most vulnerable communities.  To date, she also has led her firm's procurement of over $8 billion in funding for clients, including funding for the California Violence Intervention Program and restorative justice workforce development programs.  

Dani earned a B.A. from the University of California, Davis and an MA from San Francisco State University.

Dani Kando-Kaiser
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