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Danielle Kando-Kaiser

Policy Advocate, Corbin & Kaiser

Danielle is the Chief Operating Officer and a founding partner of Corbin and Kaiser. She is a seasoned professional specializing in governmental advocacy, marketing, proposal writing, and copywriting that earn her client’s recognition and contracts. She has more than two decades of experience in creating print and social media advocacy, and marketing campaigns for the state’s leading governmental agencies, commissions, trade associations, political organizations, and the nation’s top luxury brands. 

Danielle has played a major role in numerous state and national advocacy, marketing, public relations, and communications campaigns. From 2014 through 2016, she led the organization and direction of monthly, state-wide meetings of the Fair Shake Commission on Income Inequality, chaired by Tom Steyer of NextGen Climate. The work of the Commission focused on public health issues affecting the poor and homeless populations of California, including disability, and mental and behavioral support services, access to affordable housing, appropriate nutrition, early childhood health and wellness, climate change, and access to quality childcare and education.


Danielle Kando-Kaiser
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