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Samantha Ayres Corbin

CEO and Part Founder of Corbin and Kaiser

  • Samantha Ayres Corbin

    Samantha is the CEO and founding partner of Corbin and Kaiser – a woman-owned public affairs and strategic development firm serving not-for-profit, government, and cause-based organizations through government relations, coalition building, fund development, and public relations. Corbin and Kaiser has managed national organizational expansions, procured over $700 million in funding for education and public interest programs, and has led clients and coalitions to victory in front of the legislature.

  • A dogged advocate on consumer privacy and protection issues, Samantha co-led the effort to pass SB178 (Leno), CalECPA with the ACLU and the Electronic Frontier Foundation to establish a warrant requirement for digital content. She played a significant role in the passage of the California Privacy Act and the passage of Net Neutrality protections in California.  She is the co-founder of We Said Enough, which is dedicated to eliminating discrimination, sexual harassment, and assault within employment and academic settings.

Samantha Ayres Corbin
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